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Get in the mix at R Bar and experience the Beverage Ritual where lively entertainment and unique concoctions come together with a story to tell. Whimsical and unpretentious, R Bar redefines its bar scene with a locally-inspired narrative to bring guests and locals together for a spontaneous evening filled with cultural sips and pop-up interactions that will make them look and look again.


Daily | 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Beverage Rituals

Every Thursday to Sunday | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Cucur Nangka
Cocktail Pick

Cucur Nangka Cocktail

Transformed from a traditional Malaysian snack into a rich, creamy cocktail, Cucur Nangka is an innovative design by Rais Borhan, the man behind R Bar at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur. 

Inspired from his favourite snack, jackfruit fritters or ‘cucur nangka' in the local tongue, Rais sources the jackfruit locally, supporting sustainability. He opts for the sous vide method to obtain the authentic essence of the jackfruit syrup infusion that plays a significant role in his precise creation.

Enhanced by the distinctive botanicals of Monkey 47 gin, the cocktail highlights more than the fragrant fruit as every element in the mix is made from scratch, from the pandan cordial to the super lemon juice!

For an extra element of surprise, the homemade sangria caviar tops the overall cocktail to complement in a bite-and-sip flow. Rais' artistry also incorporates the use of wine and lemon juice leftovers for the sangria caviar, as well as dehydrated jackfruit bits for the powdery finishing touch.

Cucur Nangka is available now - Jul 31, 2024 for MYR 50 nett at R Bar.

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Join us to unwind and experience the unexpected, Shake things up with surprising cocktails, discover intriguing performances, and be inspired by the soul of the neighbourhood.